Eckitchen_Portable Sevai & Idiyappam Machine

Portable Sevai & Idiyappam Machine


EC KITCHEN APPLIANCES are providing EC-30-S (Model) for hotels, hostels, cafe and small resturants. It is easy to produce our old and traditional dishes. It Takes 1 hour to make 35 kg Sevai or 300-350 idiyappams by EC KITCHEN APPLIANCES

The total weight is 48 kilograms, making it easy to pick up to the customer base. The EC-30 - S. can be easily operated anywhere and can easily run EC-30-S in the ordinary place as it is enough for one edge. If you run an hour, less than 1 unit will cost less. The 500mm long and 250mm wide and 680mm height can be used to go anywhere and anyplace because of EC KITCHEN APPLIANCES designed.

EC-30 - S is easy to get in the wedding halls and is convenient and convenient. You can also exchange hot spots with EC-30 - S for service delivery, which will give you a warm welcome in restaurants and restaurants. The new creation makes our lives pleasant. The industrial revolution is causing. The workload is reduced. Adding revenue and enriching lives. All of these give us together the EC KITCHEN APPLIANCES EC - 30 - S.

Electric Motor : Single Phase 1/2 hp

Production : 35 Kg Sevai per hour

Production : 350 Idiyappam per hour

Idiyappam Weight : 30 - 100 grams Adjustable

Continues Running : 3 hours

Break hour : 30 Minutes

Daily Running Hours : 8 hours

Barrel Capacity : 1 Kg (Approx) SS-304- 2 No's)

Machine Weight : 52 Kg (Approx))

Dimension : 600x260x630mm (LxWxH))

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